Why X-rays Are an Important Part of a Dental Check-up

An X-ray lets your dentist examine your teeth and gums in more detail than an oral examination alone. X-rays form an important part of dental check-ups, spotting oral problems which are hard to see or feel during an examination.

Key takeaways:

  • Tooth decay between the teeth can be difficult to diagnose without an x-ray.
  • Smaller abscesses or tumors which may be hard to feel during an oral examination can be seen on an x-ray.
  • Dental restorative work such as dental implants may require an x-ray to get a better idea of the position of the teeth.

“X-rays can not only show cavities between your teeth, but they can also show bone loss. Bone loss in the jaw would be a concern for patients who require certain restorative procedures such as dental implants.”

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