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iTero Digital Scanner

The iTero Digital Scanner is able to capture 3D digital images of your mouth quickly and comfortably using a sophisticated 3d scanning camera. The scanner, which looks like a small wand,  is moved around the inside of your mouth  capturing images of your teeth and mouth. 

Digital Dentistry, Swindon

Digital Dentistry is particularly beneficial if you’re an anxious or nervous patient or dislike the feel of putty in your mouth. There is no discomfort from using the scanner, and it usually only takes just a couple of minutes.

Dr Siddharth Wandrekar

Practice principal

Benefits of the Scanner include

  • Taking impressions is much more comfortable for our patients - no more gagging!
  • No need for messy impressions
  • It is much quicker to manufacure the dental devices being measured for
  • Faster treatment planning
  • More cost-effective process as the results are more accurate
  • The end performance of any resulting crowns, veneers or aligners being fitted is much improved due to the image taken being much more accurate​
  • The software makes it easy for patients to visualise your new smile

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