Flossing Correctly is Vital

Teeth should be brushed twice daily and flossed once. Flossing is necessary to remove debris, bacteria and plaque build-up from between the teeth where a toothbrush cannot reach. However, many people use dental floss incorrectly or at the wrong time.

The following are key components in using dental floss to achieve the maximum benefit.

– Teeth should be flossed before brushing

– An up-and-down motion should be used

– Use between 15 and 18 inches of floss

Your dentist can advise on how to use dental floss correctly and doing so should be an integral part of (your) oral care routine.

To learn more about flossing properly see the article at https://yourdentalhealthresource.com/how-can-i-know-if-im-flossing-correctly/.


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